Saturday, September 18, 2010

Innisfree Store

Innisfree is one of the most popular brands in Korea. With over 500 products in the brand, they based their ingredients on natural herbs and plant extracts, emphasizing on the smell and ingredient remedies. Many Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese are familiar with this brand, but not a lot of North Americans know about it. Innisfree has a few popular lines which include: Olive, Green Tea, Wine, Lavender and Mint. Their packaging follows the European style, so a lot of the products use glass containers... For foreigners who go to Korea to shop for their products, this is not a good thing at all... glass is so heavy and easy to break!! Besides skincare, they also have hair, make up, and body products (anything you can name from head to toe).

The first time I went to Korea, I spent a total of 325,100 won, 42 items~

Wine series, most popular products are: Wine Peeling Softener, Wine Sleeping Mask

One of the most popular: Olive series~

Apple Juicy series~~!!

They have over 20 kinds of sheet masks~ Innisfree sheet masks are super thin!!

They put the most popular products out on display, easy for shoppers to grab.


  1. I just heard of Innisfree by accident while searching on Ebay. Too bad this brand is not widely known by North Americans. If there was more demand, Innisfree products would be more plentiful on Ebay and other online shops. Thank you so much for the photos. The store looks so quaint, organic and lovely. I wish we had this store in the US. I'm really interested in their lip glosses and lipsticks. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks glaciajo! I do Korea cosmetic orders and can ship to the States. If you are interested, you can send me your wish list + URL if possible, and I can quote you a price.



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