Friday, September 17, 2010

~ BB cream Comparision #2 ~

A. Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream
B. Hanskin Premium Magic BB Cream

C. Dr. Jart+ Detox Healing Blemish Base Black Label

After going to Toronto for a short trip, my skin suddenly turned so bad!! I was planning on trying the Skin 79 pink label BB cream, but I guess it has to wait.... I did not buy the following 3 BB creams, but the amount of samples I received... it's enough for me to try ~2 weeks
for each one

A. Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream

transparency ★★★
concealer ★★★
moisture ★★★★
liquidy ★★★★

43.5g, 27000 won

skin type: normal to oily skin

skin tone: natural skin tone, more pale

special effects: young and white, SPF 21, decreases the look of your wrinkles

ingredients: caviar, camomile, other herbs and etc...

caviar -- supplies nutrients to the skin, decreases anti-aging
camomile -- increases dead skin, enable skin cells reborn

Hanskin Caviar Gold BB Cream is also one of the best selling products in Hanskin. I will talk more about the other best selling products later (Premium Magic BB Cream + Oil Control BB Cream).

Caviar Gold BB cream contains caviar essence and many other plant extracts, smoothens your skin, making it look fine. This BB cream consists of these functions: whitening, wrinkles, UVA/UVB~ It can also moisturizes your skin by supplying nutrients,
calms your skin, relieves sensitive skin, protects it from dryness and anti-aging, fines coarse wrinkles, balances your skin making it look more healthy.
Using it for long term can improve your skin quality, letting it maintain young, radiant and healthy looking.

This colour is suitable for me, but it cannot last too long... if I don't re-apply my make up, it will melt by the end of the day... it's more moisturizing that other BB cream, perhaps it contains caviar extract.
Texture is soft, not as thick as Dr. Jart Black Label, concealer is ok, but the oil control level is... no good... but inside it really contains visible caviar~

B. Hanskin Premium Magic BB Cream

transparency ★★★
concealer ★★★
moisture ★★★
liquidy ★★★★

50mL, 32000 won

skin type: dry/ normal skin

most suitable skin tone: natural skin, pale

special effects: caviar, SPF15, minimize the look of wrinkles, transparent

The selling point for this BB cream is: whitening, reduces wrinkles, SPF 15~ It provides complete hydration and moisture, at the same, reduces wrinkles and whitens your skin, giving it the most perfect and healthy look!

Out of the 3 BB cream, this one is the most liquidy, thin and watery. The moment I put it on, I feel as if my skin just drank lots of water~ It provides a radiant and smooth coverage, however, after awhile my forehead can dry an egg again... concealer effect is normal.. perhaps becoz the BB cream itself is thin... ~ it can last you a whole day, but I suggest you fix your make-up after a couple hours.

C. Dr. Jart+ Detox Healing Blemish Base Black Label BB Cream (3 functions)

50ml, ~$18 USD

"Dr. Jart - my dermatologist" 3rd biggest brand in the Korea BB cream market, have sold over 1 million tubes throughout the world~ The most famous Korean dematologist, after years of investigation, came up with the most effective formula for cosmetics~ The Dr. Jart Lab will not use ingredients which are appealing but unnecessary to humans。Making products with the lease irritation, colour-free, fragrance-free is their principal. Doctors, after high-tech research and investigation, select the ingredients strictly for this product. It does a lot to help repair your skin. Upon doctors' certification, one can feel safer to use this product.

Dr.Jart BB Cream is the baby of Korean dermatologist,it's a new pure natural foundation. It serves as a skincare, make-up base, complexion perfector and etc... Dr. Jart is popular because it contains many Korea dematologists' professionalism, it's not like other make-up... BB cream can balance your skin tone, repairs you skin and it does not give pressure to your skin at all! Besides Korean celebrities, students, office ladies (OL), housewives all have a BB cream in their purse~ Even if you don't apply loose powder, just the BB cream alone gives you a perfect natural look~!!

skin type: dry and lack water, dry to combination, sensitive, skin that needs anti-agin

most suitable skin tone: natural, pale, fair

special effects: contains caviar extract, minimize fine lines, whitening

transparency ★★
concealer ★★★★
moisture ★★★★★
liquidy ★★★

Dr. Jart Black Label BB cream consists of collagen, caviar, Arbutin and etc...

It contains collagen, caviar, Arbutin, Chamomile extract. It helps to hydrate your skin, reduce pores, oil control, act as a concealer, balance your skin tone, bring elasticity.

The 3 main functions are:
- whitening

- wrinkles -- minimize fine lines

SPF 25 PA++ (against UVA and UVB harm, can last for as long as 8 hrs)

** these 3 functions have been certified by the Korean government

Using it for a long time can heal your blemishes and marks, suitable for boys & girls!

The colour is pinky, quite suitable for my skin, when I put it on, it's kinda white, but after awhile it looks natural. This BB cream is more suitable for dry skin, so the texture is rather creamy and thick, concealer effect is high, even dark blemishes can be covered well. My skin is a bit oily so this BB cream provided to much moisture for me. The price is ok compared to other BB cream.

Directions: After using your basic skincare, pat on your skin lightly, if needed you can pat on neck too. Areas with fine lines & wrinkles, you must smoothen the BB cream according to the direction of the lines, DO NOT smudge in circles. No need to apply sunscreen or foundation.

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