Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Etude Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling

115 mL, 12000 won

Milky in colour, yogurt in smell, peeling that contains nutrient. The first time I used it, I didn't even read the instructions and thought it works the same way as a scrub... and of course I can't get any bits of peeling out of my skin... so this is what you are supposed to do...

1. Apply the pack and spread evenly onto your skin.
2. Wait 3-5 minutes until it start to dry.
3. Use your dried hands and rub gently.

After doing that then I start to see eraser bits off my skin (grey in colour). That's normal, cause considering that a peeling removes dead skin cells, the grey stuff are the impurities in your skin. It feels soft afterwards, but the grey eraser bits are so hard to rub away... I rubbed for like 3 mins and can only get ~80% off... some of them got into my eyelashes and fine hair... kinda annoying!

Use it 1-2x every week~


yogurt powder -- contains nutrients and water moisture to replenish dry skin, remove dead skin cells

enzyme -- manages dead skin cells, softens your skin

papaya enzyme -- adjusts "extra skin", removes dead skin cells gently

** Enzymes will not irritate your skin and yet removes dead skin cells at the same time

Milky yogurt color and it smells like yogurt too~~

Apply the pack and spread evenly onto your skin. Wait 3-5 mins.

As it starts to dry, a thin layer is formed.

Rub with dry hands, then you'll see eraser bits. If your skin is dirty (had a lot of impurities), you'll see grey eraser bits. I already tried it once before I took the picture below, so the eraser bits are white.

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