Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Korea Purchase #3 -- UGBang, Missha, Skinfood

One of my friends went to Korea, this time I asked her to help me buy UGBang, Missha, Skinfood~

I read on forums lately that UGBang products are very good, so I decided to give it to try.

My purchase this time:

UGBang Aqua Cream -- 33000 won

UGBang Sleeping Pack -- 33000 won

UGBang Peeling Gel -- 33000 won

Missha Super Aqua Oxygen Mask -- 12000 won

Skinfood Oriental Shampoo x 2 -- 10900 won each

Skinfood Oriental Scalp Tonic -- 10900 won

She gave me ~20 samples which also include sheet masks, bottle size toner and lotion~

I help my friend get these, Skinfood Orientatl Shampoo and toner. He said it helps prevent hair loss~

The ones on the right are all samples~~ ^^

I've have always wanted to try Super Aqua Oxygen Mask, but I've heard that they recently upgraded the product to Super Aqua Detox Enzyme Oxygen Mask (yellow packaging).

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