Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korea Purchasing Special Spree (1 time only)

Koyuki is going to Korea from Jan 9-15, so I am taking orders for anyone who is craving for Korea cosmetics~~!!

Korea Purchasing Special Spree (1 time only)

Deadline to order + pay: Jan 5, 2011 (deadline will not be changed under ANY circumstances, Koyuki is travelling starting Dec 24﹐ if you are interested, strongly recommend you send me your order and we'll try to get it settled before Dec 24, otherwise it might take longer for me to reply)

1. Brands available (retail stores) 
Missha, Innisfree, Skinfood ,Etude House,Hanskin, Skin79, It's Skin, Banila Co., Tony Moly,Beauty Credit, THE FACE SHOP, IOPE, Dermal, Purederm, Laneige etc....

2. Duty Free brands (Sulwhasoo, UGBang, Dr. Jart, HERA(newly added just for this one time, my supplier is Korean, so she can't help buy these brands earlier) -- I will visit Charm & Charm, Lotte Duty Free

Sulwhasoo prices (已包括代購費):
Deep Cleansing Oil (200mL) -- $26.5 USD
Liquid Cleansing Foam  (200mL) -- $26.5
First Care Serum (60mL) -- $71
Revitalizing Serum (50mL) -- $96.8
Rejuvenating Eye Cream (25mL) -- $89
Balancing Water (125mL) -- $49
Balancing Emulsion (125mL) -- $52
Ginseng Cream  (60mL) -- $178
Firming Cream (75mL) -- $79

Skin Clarifying Mask (150mL) -- $35
Overnight Vitalizing Treatment (120mL) -- $44
Snowise Balancing Water (100mL) -- $52
Snowise Whitening Fluid (100mL) -- $57
Snowise Whitening Serum (50mL) -- $161
Snowise Whitening Cream (50mL) -- $105
Snowise UV Protect Cream SPF 46 (40mL) -- $62

Hydroaid Serum (60mL) -- $89
Hydroaid Cream (50mL) -- $81
Hydroaid Mist (100mL) -- $35

3. Many people inquired about Imselene Water Drop Essence Hand Cream , this time I can buy it!!

purple: $2.5 USD + shipping
green: $4.5 USD + shipping

3. Snacks﹐ only if they are easy to find, if hard to find or super heavy, then no.... I will go to Lotte Supermarket

Price: 2 methods of calculation
a. for each product, add 25% OR $5 USD for buying fee﹐ depending on which price is lower (eg. 60000 won product﹐ 25% is 15000 won, which is ~$14 USD, so the buying fee would be just $5 USD)

b. If the product is less than 5000 won but weighs 300g or more, buying fee would be $2 and not 20%

Shipping areas﹕ open worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan.... )

Shipping methods﹕ airmail/ registered mail/ EMS
** All packages will be mailed out before Jan 15 from Korea, I will use my supplier's address for return mail, just in case anything happens, shipping fee extra (except for Vancouver, I will bring it back)

Things I will NOT buy: 1. big boxes of instant noodles -- super heavy!! I must take the taxi and even the 20% buying fee will not cover the cost, also, postage will be expensive
2. things that are super hard to find like stationary
3. cold products, it will melt by the time it arrives 

minimum charge: 3 items
** for small items like sheet masks, nail polish, eye shadow, mascara, minimum charge is 10 items (mix and max possible, if you are already buying 3 items, then no need to meet min charge for small items)

skincare and cosmetics -- retail stores
food and snacks -- supermarket 

1. New customers will get 2 free sheet masks + other free samples 
   Previous customers will get 4 sheet masks + other free samples

2. spend $50 USD and get 2 free pairs of eyelashes
    spend $80 USD and get 4 free pairs of eyelashes
    spend $150 USD and get 10 free pairs of eyelashes (1 box)

** won't give you the same styles, unless you requested **       

~~ When you email me your payment slip, please indicate which eyelash styles you like. If you did not indicate, I will just pick randomly. ~~

3. There would also be a draw for anyone that joins this special spree, but I have not picked the prize yet, will buy in Korea. =P


1. Please email me ( the items you would like to buy, product names must be in English. Please don't ask me for price lists, too busy to do them. Please refer to the very bottom of this post for brand sites.
2. For Cosmetics, Make-up, must send me the URL links, they are too hard to locate on the web!!!
For food and snacks, if you can't provide me with URL, please send me a photo of the item.

3. I will confirm the price, estimated shipping, stock with you. 

4. Please note that some prices are unknown, eg. seaweed.. please tell me your highest acceptable price.

5. Since shipping is estimated, please deposit $5 USD for shipping, just in case your package is heavier than estimated. I will refund the shipping deposit to you if it's not used.

6. To protect buyer (you) and seller (me), after confirmation please pay in full, buyer can deposit the funds into my bank account or pay using paypal (send me as a gift, you pay ~2% service fee, or I must pay 5% service fee and I will add that to your total

** Please note: I have a bank account in HK (HSBC), bank accounts in Canada (RBC, BNS, Coast Capital Savings). If you cannot make a deposit into my bank accounts, please pay using paypal in USD~ 

7. If you are doing a direct deposit into my bank account, please email me the deposit receipt within 24 hours (remember to confirm the name of the account holder you are making a deposit to, which is me). If you are paying by paypal, remember to email me so I can go and check if I have received the funds.
8. I will send out an email to notify all buyers after I received the funds.

9. Your ordered will be shipped directly from Korea to the address you have provided (address MUST BE in ENGLISH). For Vancouver (Canada) customers, the shipping procedure will be different (shipping will be shared with a few customers, face trade available).
10. If your item is out of stock, I will refund you the money.
12. Please refer to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS

If interested, please email the following to
Your name﹕
Currency (HKD, CAD, USD):
Mailed to what country
Product list and URL


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