Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Korea Purchase #2

My friend Caroline went back to Korea in April, of course I have asked her to help me buy something~ ha ha!!

Total purchase was 130,000 won

Here are the things I bought﹕

Innisfree O2 Pore mask pack x 1 (10000 won)
Innisfree whitening essence x 1 (16000 won)
Innisfree Apply Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser x 1 (8000 won)
Innisfree Moisture Milky Lotion x 1 (5000 won)
Innisfree Fresh Juicy Tubes x 1 pink (3000 won)
Innisfree Whitening Hand Cream x 1 (5500 won)
Innisfree Lemongrass Brightening Cleansing foam x 1 (6000 won)
Innisfree Brightening Scrub Pack Lemongrass x 1 (8000 won)
Innisfree sheet mask (Collagen, Arbutin, Vitamin C, Hyalurnic Acid, Ceramide) x 2 each (1000 won ea)
Innisfree sheet mask (Anti-Trouble Tea Tree, Purity Herb Tea, Brightening Lemongrass, Pore Tightening Mint, Balancing Mask Rosemary) x 2 each (1500 won ea)

Skinfood gingko BB cream #2 (8900 won)
Skinfood Mushroom BB cream #2 (12900 won)
Skinfood sheet mask (Sea Vegetable, Red Ginseng, Bordeaux, Honey & Royal Jelly) x 2 each (1500 won ea)
Skinfood sheet mask (Fresh Juice Essence, Potiron au Lait, Avocado, Black raspberry, Peach Sake, Pumpkin) x 1 each (2000 won)

Greepia Ginseng Mask x 1 (9000 won)
Greepia Ginseng Face Wash x 1 (9000 won)

Samples & gifts:
Innisfree Perfect Repair Gift Set
Innisfree Mineral BB Cream samples
Innisfree Olive Real Skin & Lotion samples
Innisfree cotton
Skinfood Salmon Eye Serum samples
Skinfood cosmetic bag
Skinfood Fresh Juice Cream samples

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